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Dog boarding at Patty's Pet Palace in Rhinebeck, NY is not your traditional kennel facility. It is a place where your dog can enjoy their time at “camp”. Throughout the day, the dogs play with staff members and other canine companions. The dogs are able to exert built up energy by romping and frolicking with their friends. When it is time to come indoors the dogs have their own individual cabins where they will receive breakfast, snacks, dinner, and rest time. Each cabin has an elevated Kuranda dog bed for your dogs comfort. You are more than welcome to bring a blanket and toy from home to personalize your pet's indoor living space.

Pet Boarding - Rhinebeck, NY - Patty's Pet Palace

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  • Dog socialization boarding
  • Cat boarding
  • Owner on premise
  • Vet recommended

Please bring your pet's food so he or she may maintain their normal diet. After a wonderful time at camp, you may choose to have your best friend receive an oatmeal shampoo spa treatment for an additional fee. Please ask for estimate.

Contact Patty's Pet Palace today at 845-876-7211 for all of your Rhinebeck, NY dog boarding needs.

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